Type 1 vs. Type 2 8″ Camlock Fittings


All camlock couplers and grooved mating ends in sizes ¾” – 6” are manufactured in accordance to Mil-A-A59326D. There is no Mil standard for 8” cam and groove couplings, hence there are two styles in today’s market.  The two do not interchange.


The original Style #1 is the Ever-Tite standard. The Style #2 is manufactured to the

P-T standard. The Style #1 is notably larger and will not interchange with the #2 style. The suppliers for both Styles can be seen below.

Original Style/#1


Dixon Andrews


Kuri HD801

PT Import – Style #1



Style #2

PT Domestic

PT Import – Style #2

KOA (Import) AL-x800

Dixon Boss Lock

Dixon Global


Campbell Cobra

The quickest way to check the style of your existing couplings is to measure the machined diameter of the adapter. If the adapter is larger than 9” O.D, then you have the Original Style #1.

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