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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) sales represent a big part in Bridgestone HosePower’s (BSHP) overall sales mix.  We believe that achieving the balance between Mobile Service, local branch service, re-distribution and OEM Hose Sales is an important strategy for Bridgestone HosePower.  Each segment requires a different skill set but each in balance creates a stronger overall business.  That commitment to each discipline creates a company that can serve the whole range of customers.  Bridgestone HosePower has five OEM Service Centers today with a goal of operating six in the near future.  Here is a quick summary of each:

Jacksonville OEM Location

Jacksonville, FL Established 2001

Manager – Eric Tasso
Staff – 31
Capacity – 450,000 assemblies per year
Square Ft. – 37,000
Specialty – Japanese & American Large OEMs
ISO 9001 & JIS
Largest Customer – Komatsu (2016 Supplier of the Year)

Orange Park OEM Location

Orange Park, FL Established 1992

Manager – Phillip Fusco
Staff – 143
Capacity – 635,000 assemblies per year
Square Ft. – 181,000
Specialty – Kitting / Proof Testing / Quick Response Time
Largest Customer – The Rental Industry

Houston OEM Location

Houston, TX Established 2015

Manager – Chad Morgan
Staff – 37
Capacity – 260,000
Square Ft. – 103,000
Specialty – Large Bore High Pressure
ISO – 9001

Phoenix OEM Location

Phoenix, AZ Established 2012

Manager – Jerry Sawyer
Staff – 31
Capacity – 500,000
Square Ft. – 47,000
Specialty – Carpet Cleaning / Pressure Wash / Kits / Large Bore High Pressure

Reno OEM Location

Reno, NV Established 2019

Manager – Conrad Barrs
Staff – 31
Capacity – 144,000
Square Ft. – 60,000
Specialty – Large Bore High Pressure/ Industrial Hose

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