Benefits of Silicone Covered Teflon Hose


Traditional wire braided Teflon hose, 100R14, is prone to having individual external wires break over time.  Creating a hazard for cutting hands.  One of the best ways to solve this is by covering the hose in a silicone jacket.  In addition to the safety benefits of hand cuts, the silicone cover also adds abrasion resistance.  Especially in a dynamic application where the hose routinely moves in contact with other hoses, like in blow and injection molding applications. The silicone jacket also adds an insulation layer to cut down on heat exposure.  This is an added benefit since these Teflon hoses are capable of withstanding up to 500°F of intermittent service depending on the media.

For more details on Flextral’s covered Teflon hoses check out our TRS, TBSC, and TFEP product series.

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