New Product: AR18 “Dust Devil” Twinline Jackhammer Hose


Effective September 2017, OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1926.1153 requires employers to limit worker exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS).  RCS is a mineral typically found in concrete, brick, mortar, sand and stone.  RCS is linked to potentially debilitating respiratory diseases if embedded into the worker’s lungs.


To help solve the issues of RCS and jack hammer applications, Flextral stocks AR18 “Dust Devil” Jack Hammer hose.  Featuring a twinline construction – one ¾” line with universal fittings for air to power the hammer.  The other, a 3/8” line for water to provide a water spray and limit airborne dust particles.  The two hoses are integrally joined together, so there are not two separate lines, creating a streamlined hose.  Limiting potential tripping hazards and keeping the two hoses right where you need them.  This construction also makes the system easy to store and handle.

Also check out our Retrofit kit (PN: AR18-KIT), which contains everything you need to deliver the water spray to the end of your jack hammer.  Have any questions?  Submit a Quick Quote today, and one of our national sales representatives will get in touch with you!

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